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He interviewed me a couple of times, and then he would do things like have me walk. It was really fun because it was like, this is the real thing. Titan has a longer, more intense working schedule. But he was a pleasure to work with. I think the first time you did an incest scene was Chainsaw , right?

Was doing that a leap for you? I imagine in your practice that must have been something that came up with people at times. A lot of the stuff I do in my private practice, role-playing and stuff is around daddy-boy energy. Your boy can actually be older than you. So I kind of come at it from that perspective, rather than literal incest, even though that is what happens in his movies.

Allen Silver Mega-Dad

But I did have to think about it a lot before I jumped into this. I just love playing with dad-boy energy. You take the whole thing seriously, and yet these situations are so fantastical. These guys are just constantly throwing themselves at Dad. His boy wants him to fuck him. I look at it as fantasy and that kind of power play that most of us have fantasized about. Yeah, sure Dad Goes to College.

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When I got the script for that, I had to decide if I wanted to go ahead with it at that point. And people forget there have been incest scenes in gay porn since the very beginning. And how many of us had wished we had an older someone to guide us and at least advise us and we were left on our own? I was braced for that actually and it kind of never really came.

I feel like a lot of shit and hate is directed your way from mainstream porn fans about your age.

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Where do you think that comes from, and how do you handle that? I saw you commented on a Sword post recently where someone made a comment. Oh yeah, that was funny. You get to like what you like.

AllenSilver - Male Escort, Rentboy, Gay Massage in San Francisco, CA | RentMen

It says more about them than it does about me. But I gotta say the feedback about me has been really positive. I try not to take it too seriously. It is dangerous to Google myself randomly. Going back to the incest thing, the other thing I wanted to mention is that I know that you did a scene with James Darling for Bonus Hole Boys, which has also become controversial about the daddy-boy thing. Yeah that one I have not seen, it just came out. All I can say is that James reads like a grown man in person. His masculine energy.

It felt like I was with a man. It comes across tacky and with poor production quality.

Gay Porn’s Reigning Silver Daddy Allen Silver Talks Sexual Healing, and Getting Started In Porn

I want my paycheck. What a wonderful idea. I would flatter myself thinking that. I do know he puts a lot of care and thinking into when he did the Dad character. So it makes it harder for him to write to me. I just give that as an example as how deep his thinking is when he creates this stuff. But apart from that, quite a while back I fulfilled all my porn fantasies. I kind of really got to do everything I had fantasized about doing.

Well, I have to mention my boyfriend Will Swagger, I got to do a scene with him and it was wonderful. Conner Habib is great. So much fun with him. Or is it pretty constant? In his spare time, he complains about things to his friends. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Do you have any contact information for Allen? I am a 71 year old gay man living in a small town in Montana. It has happened a few times and I really enjoyed it but that was many years ago. I am serious about this.

Having met Allen, I can verify that he is a genuinely kind guy.

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He knows how to make a guy feel special. Long may he continue in his work. Being an avid porn watcher for many years now, Allen Silver is my all time favorite porn star.

Allen is a great turn on for a diverse group and I love that about him! Great Article!!! I had the great honor of meeting Allen Silver for coffee at Starbucks in the Castro on my recent trip to San Francisco. Thanks, we will meet again!!!! I am very impressed with the quality of your photographs. A passion carried out very well! Bobbi -- exactly what I was thinking. Got all the tools and materials I need in the garage and the shed. Bobbi — exactly what I was thinking. No gay man enjoys fucking a pussy, and he thinks he was fucking a guy when he had his dick in one.

I used to think Allen was hot, but this new information is serious a total turn-off. This guy is a fraud. As for the "canoodling?

Allen Silver

He has spent time learning about intimate relationships and it shows. He's happy to explore different activities; you only have to look at his website and videos to understand his range of interests and talents. I enjoy being affectionate, and he is very responsive to that.